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"Charge Energy Added" does not reset to zero when starting charge from Controls

mkolowich 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 1

I just increased target charge to 100% from 90% via the new "Set Charge Limit" box in Controls, and the amount of energy added did not reset to zero -- it kept the energy added from the previous charge.  See screen capture showing the start of the current charge cycle:

Image 77

The only thing unusual I did was that I typed the 100 into the box a few minutes before I actually clicked "Set Charge Limit" (I got distracted).  That seems to have touched off logging (the screen shows the current charge logging as starting at 8:22am, even though I only actually pressed the "Set Charge Limit" button at 8:28, which is when the charging actually started).

Not a bug


The Charge Energy Added field is directly from the API.  It does not reset to 0 until you unplug the cable.  I have to account for this by subtracting the point before the charge from the ending point.  The data in the table summary should be correct.

Please let me know if that's correct.



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