Range Charge Reminder

HLR 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 5

I've now twice forgotten that I had the car set to do a range charge, and I get a text message at 6am that the car is fully charged to 250 miles. Oops! At 8am, I run out of the house and drive the car around for 20 minutes to burn off the full charge instead of letting it sit and heat up at 100%.

Is there a way to have Teslafi monitor the charge setting %, and send me a text message alert or email when I start to charge "Hey, bozo, you still have charging set to 100% -- Are you sure?" That way, I can remember to reset it down to a daily charge level.

I know the car sometimes pops up an alert on the touchscreen, but I think that's only after you've range charged two or three times.

Thanks.  It should be corrected now.

Looks like there might be a small bug.  I set a reminder for 90% or higher.  My car was set at 90% and yet I still got a reminder.  Should I have gotten a reminder only if I've set the charge limit to 91% and higher?

Great idea for new feature, but I think there may be a bug.  I set mine to give an alert for above 85% since I normally charge to 80%.  I got this alert just a while ago:

Charge limit set to 80% for . . .

This email is a reminder per your settings on TeslaFi.com to remind you that your current charge limit is above 85%.

Thanks! WIll try it out this weekend.


This has been completed.  Let me know if you see any issues.