Rated versus actual miles for life of car?

brettfenson 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 3

Just wondering if it would be possible to use this data to calculate lifetime rated miles versus actual?


This can now be found on the lifetime page:  https://www.teslafi.com/lifetime.php

That's really excellent - thanks very much for showing me how to do that! My question probably shows that I have not tinkered much yet with the site, but I intend to use it as I rack up the miles. Thanks again.

You can do this with the Drive Search/Download capability, but with a caveat: it breaks (times out) once you get over about 2,000 drives.

Here's the approach:

  1. Open the Drive Search/Download screen from the Drives pull-down menu
  2. Enter the date you first started using TeslaFi under Start Date
  3. Enter today's date under End Date
  4. Press Search, and wait.  This is a very long query, and will display every drive you've ever recorded in TeslaFi.

After all the drives are displayed, you'll get a summary box in the right-hand column with your answer: Total Miles Driven, Rated Miles Used, and Average Efficiency (TMD/RMU).  Here is the display for a year's worth of my drives (I can't display the data for the entire life of my car because my 5,400 drives over two years causes a time-out of the Search function.

Note that there is a second box displayed below this one that shows "Averages", which has a different number for Efficiency than what's displayed here.  I believe that's derived by averaging all the Efficiency numbers for individual drives, which over-weights short drives and under-weights long drives.  The top box displays the correct number for lifetime efficiency.