Restarted supercharge includes previous supercharge total kWh

Veritas1980 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 2

I was supercharging to 90% and since I had some time on my hands, a lot of driving to do and an empty lot, I changed the slider to 100% in the Tesla app.

Teslafi sees this as two separate charges, which is fine, but the total in the second charge (90-100%) includes the first kWh from the first charge, so now the total kWh added going from 42-100% in a 75 is 77 kWh.


I made some changes to the "duplicate charge" detection script and it appears to be have fixed your scenario but quite possibly could have broken others.

The problem is that the API doesn't reset the charge_energy_added field unless the charging port is disconnected and reconnected again.  I have about 10 scenario's where I have to detect this right now.

Sorry, that was a bit unclear. I was done charging to 90% and then started charging again by moving the slider on the app.

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