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Edit start/ending address

danshaw 6 years ago updated by Sir Watts-a-Lot 5 months ago 7

Is it possible to edit the starting address or ending address of a drive? Because I park in a parking garage, I do not have cell reception there. Sometimes my drives have me ending outside of the tagged location - sometimes blocks away. Curious how I can fix that.

Here is an example of me leaving the parking garage (large circle). Because the lack of cell reception, the car was first seen in a different location (small circle)

Image 531

Has there been any movement on this issue? I went to a business I want to keep track of and the address is showing up incorrectly. 

On another occasion the GPS was froze and my address did not move for a few days even though the car did. It incorrectly shows charges at that address. We should be able to adjust the stopped address.

@Richard22b, ditto.  Three addresses show up as “home” for me as well: my actual home, and the address of my two neighbors.  As my garage is at one corner of my lot, it is very close to the other two properties and possibly not with the GPS resolution to distinguish accurately.  If I could change the other two addresses to my own, the records would be accurate.


also agree. I have about 3 addresses showing for when I’m at home.  Be nice to edit those to all be my home address correctly.  


The work around that I found is to select one of the points, then select edit, now make the circled area larger than the area of all of the multiple points, select SAVE and wait for the data to update. This should move & rename the other points to the larger circled name. Try not to make the circled area to small because if you park just outside of the existing circle TeslaFi will make another named point.

This was after the split drive option. I determined that the problem was that when I exited the parking garage, it took the car's LTE connection to connect sometimes 1-5 minutes after exiting. The car wouldn't report its location till after it had that connection. 

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There is not an option to edit the address's.  I would have to enter it as a feature request.

Is this after using the split drive option?



I have a similar problem, but TeslaFi generates another point within or next to the correct address that I visited. I have tried the Edit Delete of one and that does not do anything but leave a hole in the data. Maybe a way to combine two address points into one. James if you look at my data you should find doubled points that I have left. Please email me if you have questions.