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Sleep data included in driving data

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After the update with rolling headers during scrolling, I am now getting the cars sleeping data with the data on my first drive in the morning. So the data displayed starts when the car goes to sleep the night before and ends when I arrive at work.

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Problem is that it looks like the vampire loss during sleep periods is getting included in the drive data when those data points are included in the drive, effectively double booking the loss.

There should be very minimal if any vampire loss during a sleep session.  If a sleep session occurred before a drive and no good idle point was recorded before the drive started then TeslaFi uses the last point before sleeping to determine the starting data.  If it doesn't do this, it can miss a up to a minute of drive data which can include a lot of battery usage including blasting heat/cooling and speeding away from the parked location.  That first minute contains possibly the most inefficient minute of driving.

Not a bug

Thanks.  Closing for now.

To be honest, I thought it was a bug and mostly that's why I reported it.

It's only a bit more of scrolling and only for some drives, so for me it's fine if you leave it as is.

But maybe others care to give their opinion as well.

Thanks for the response!

Under review


This is actually intentional and has been this way. 

A couple things happen when a drive starts:

1. If there was a data point before the drive that was an idle and the car was in park it becomes the starting data point of the drive, including starting range, milage and more.

2. If the car was sleeping before the drive started and TeslaFi did not obtain a data point of the car in park before the drive started it needs to use the last data point before the drive started to obtain the starting data.  In this case the data point before it went to sleep.

So, my initial programing set the data display in the data table to show all the data points being used in the data display and calculations.

That being said, maybe a few people can comment on the current way things are displayed works or if they think it should display only the data points that would be in park and drive.

Let me know what you think.



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