When Actively Charging, Display MPH and Time Left in Header

rfmurphy81 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 11

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This looks awesome, James. A few notes:

* I think the time under Time to Completion information is incorrect. The number of hours left seems to match the app but the time itself shown next to it, I have no idea what that is. 

* Any chance you can make the kW show to the tenth of a decimal instead of by whole number? For example, I'd like to know that I'm charging at 1.8 kW rather than 2 kW. 

See if you can grab a screenshot when your seeing the time to completion incorrect for me if you can.  I just looked at a few accounts and it's showing the correct amount of time remaining and the time when the charge will be completed.

The kW comes straight from the charger_power API and is only an integer.

Any chance you can change the kW from using charger_power in the API to using volts times amps? This would allow you to display 6.6 kW versus 6 kW to be more precise in that module.

I put this in place but it won't show for supercharges since amperage isn't given nor will it show for 3 phase charges.

Thanks, James. Is it possible to have the supercharger sessions use the other field (which I don't remember off the top of my head) to calculate kW? I imagine it'd be something like "if supercharger, use fields Y and Z but if non-supercharger then use fields X and Y" or whatever. :)

It will show charger_power during supercharges instead of the calculation.

My time to completion is accurate at 2 hours but it says 4:00 PM next to it, which was the same time it showed yesterday.

Okay, I refreshed and now it magically says the appropriate time. Not sure if you changed something. 

I think it's actually occurring when the minutes are 0.  I put in a change that should fix it.

Ooooo -- this looks great, @James.  Working fine on my current charging session.  I like the charge rate calculation.

Suggested enhancement, related to the controls function you've been working on: display the current charge limit set, and offer a CHANGE button to let the user change the charge limit.  That would be very useful (and is a function missing from the beta of the controls).


I added a section right below the heading to display all of the current charging data when a charging session is active.  Let me know if everything works ok.