Is TeslaFi down

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Cannot connect to web server. Cloudfare eventually serves up a timeout notice.  

As of 5:13 pm CST my account was not recording idle data and my current battery level was not matching the Tesla app and actual charge in my car. I looked in Help > TeslaFi Data Feed and noticed a bunch of API Login Fails and API Errors between 4:00 pm CST and almost midnight.

Next I went into Settings > Tesla Account and it appeared Tesla and TeslaFi were still connected, yet I was not receiving data. I clicked on the Modify Permissions button opening a new tab requiring me to log into my Tesla account. From there, all three options were checked still, again appearing as though they were connected. I unchecked Vehicle Information, placed a checkmark back in that box, and hit the Update button.

As of 5:15 pm CST TeslaFi is now recording my idle time and my charge percentage is correct. It seems as though that fixed it for me. I also started a charge to top off my battery, and after a minute or so my status changed from idle to charging in TeslaFi after I refreshed the page, confirming things are functioning again.

Note: I charged my car last night from 12:00 am CST to about 6:00 am CST and that data is not showing up on TeslaFi. The last TeslaFi Data Feed entry I have was from Monday at 11:59:45 pm, just before my car was scheduled to charge. I"m not sure if that data will come back or if it's lost though. This is the only data I'm currently missing as I did not drive my car today.

Hope this helps.

car still registered but same as you no updated status 

go into your account settings to the Tesla account page and make sure it is still registered.  

as of tight now, I can access my TeslaFi account and my account is showing my car is authenticated, but it is not yet registering my drives or my charging sessions.  


how do you set correct api protocol 

appears to be back up but I had to reauthenticate my car and set the correct API protocol 

found their tweets. It's a bad database corruption.  They are working on it but don't have a timeline for when it'll be back up.  


Ah, that explains the token issue, thanks for the update.... would be great if they posted *HERE* somewhere though.  Not a fan of chasing down companies twitter accounts for updates.

Same here in Australia.

same here and down all day

Hopefully they’re working on it

here is the error from Cloudflare

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