Multiple offline alerts recently

leyet 4 weeks ago updated by john2 4 weeks ago 3
Ever since my latest software update (2024.14.9 two weeks ago), I've been getting multiple offline alerts per day. I already have the "Show offline as asleep" option enabled. Every time I get one of these alerts, I login to TeslaFi and see my car is sleeping. I would like to still be notified when my car actually goes offline. Is there another setting I need to enable to stop these errant notifications?

Same issue.

in doing some digging, I noticed I always get the email exactly an hour after "Idling->Sleeping - Email Alert Sent". Checks out, since it says the car has been offline for 60 minutes.

it seems 2024.14.9 presumably changed sleeping behavior so it looks the same as just being offline. I have no idea how you could solve the issue, without disabling notifications or waking the car frequently 

Also been getting a lot of "offline" notifications recently on my 23 MY.  Never saw them before until maybe a month or so ago.

We have a 2021 Tesla model Y and a 2022 model 3. The model Y typically goes offline occasionally. The model 3 almost never. A few months ago Teslafi came out with an "improvement" to  rectify the vehicle being offline and documented (again) on how to dothis. As soon as this "improvement" came out, the model Y has been going "offline" multiple times a day for which I have been unable to resolve using both Tesla and Teslafi recommendations. From my perspective this is a useless and meaningless notification. I have turned notifications off for this alert. I finally have peace on my Teslafi notifications.