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Fleet Accounts: Set Default Vehicle

clearasmudd2 3 weeks ago updated by James 2 weeks ago 1

I traded in my first Tesla and bought a new one.  I decided to create a new teslafi account for the new vehicle and link the two to create a fleet.  My first tesla is the master and my new one is the linked account.  When I go into either account my original vehicle is usually displayed as the default so I need to go into the vehicle menu and select my new vehicle.  Is there a way to set my new vehicle, in the linked account, as the default so I don't need to select it each time I login?


Under review

The default vehicle displayed when logging in is the main vehicle on the account regardless of any fleet settings.  

So if you have vehicle1 on username1 and vehicle2 on username2 you would login to TeslaFi using username2 and vehicle2 would be the default vehicle you see when you login.