Add ability to "snooze" TeslaFi indefinitely until sleep is detected

goto10 6 years ago updated by Waldimar 6 years ago 4

With the inconsistent sleep behavior seen on some firmware versions I would like an ability to tell TeslaFi to stop polling indefinitely until a sleep is detected. It should be a link on the main TeslaFi screen so it can be easily accessed.

A typical scenario would be something like:
* Drive from home to work
* Open TeslaFi, hit snooze button
* TeslaFi does non-waking polling of vehicle until sleep is detected
* When sleep is detected TeslaFi returns to standard polling so the next idle/drive is detected

There should also be a way to restart polling the way you currently can through the SMS and email sleep attempt alerts.

I am currently considering discontinuing the use of TeslaFi as sleeping has become unpredictable with the newer firmware and I don't want to leave my car in Idle all day if sleep doesn't happen to occur during the quite period TeslaFi observes after the car is initially parked.

I have a similar request for a Sleep Now option which can be used if I’m traveling or I know I am not going to use the car for a few days.

You wrote "There should also be a way to restart polling the way you currently can through the SMS and email sleep attempt alerts."

Sorry if I misunderstood that.


I'm not looking for an API option to resume polling. I'm looking for an option on the TeslaFi site to request an indefinite "wait for sleep" state so my car will sleep as soon as possible rather than only being able to initiate sleep if it occurs during the window defined in Sleep Settings under "Time To Try Sleeping" and "Idle Time Before Trying To Sleep"

Once sleep is detected this snooze mode should auto cancel so the next driving even is faithfully recorded.

My sloppy workaround for now is to set a long polling interview after I park but then I have to remember to manually change the polling back to 1 minute before I drive again or else my activity may be missed. My car is currently indicating that it's sleeping several blocks away from its actual position because I forgot to do this before my last drive.

The resume polling API would immediately wake up the car which is the opposite of what I'm looking for.

Resume polling is already possible. Have a look at https://teslafi.com/api.php