Track Update Stats By Previous Version

Webb 2 months ago updated by James 2 months ago 0

Hi, I really appreciate your stats. As a FSD geek I'm always eager to see the next updates and right now it is on full tilt waiting for v12. One thing I think would be interesting would be being able to select a software version and see what version and when people updated to. Pretty much the reverse of the data you are showing what version people previously had. 

So for example, I'm on 2023.44.30.20. It would be great to be able to see a list on that page to see what version people who previously had 2023.44.30.20 installed upgraded to. It would be a handy way to be able to predict what is next for me by looking to see how many people like me (model, HW, location) have moved to another version.

Keep up the great work!