Feature request: depth of charge histogram

Jaxmyers 2 months ago updated by James 2 months ago 0

I am interested in the ability to generate a "depth of charge" histogram.

For example a quick visualization of how often a charge session adds 5% capacity, 10% capacity, 15% capacity, 20% capacity etc. would be useful. There's currently no easy way to count up and categorize charge sessions.

I came up with this idea by looking at my charging history and trying to find the largest charge session I ever did (turns out it was 5% to 100% = 95%). I know that type of charge session is not great for the battery. Then I got curious about how often I did this, and it turned out only once. Then I got interested in how many other "large" charging sessions I've  done, how often etc. I think this data would be useful as it could help users monitor their charging habits.