Phantom drain calculations

Rgrin 5 months ago 0

My feedback is relative to Rivian (I don't know if Tesla does it differently). 

My stats show that in Sleep, there is no drain at all. All of the drain happens in Idle (Park). But there are three types of Idle:

  • Parked: The car is on, either warming up or with me in it, but it is not moving. I don't consider this "drain", it is really just part of the drive. 
  • Manual wake-up: If I go into my app remotely and want to check something on the car, I have to manually wake it up in the app. While this is a "drain", it is my fault - I am choosing to waste some energy at my discretion. I don't consider this "phantom" drain.
  • Background wake-up: I can see that as my vehicle sleeps, it sometimes wakes itself up. This is Rivian doing something. Maybe uploading stats, checking for OTA updates, etc. This is what I consider "phantom drain". 

Does the API provide any way to differentiate the third category of Background Wake-up from the others?