Feature request: Scatter plot of firmware updates

bmah 6 years ago updated by StefanSarzio 6 years ago 2

Idea:  Scatter plot with the old version number on X axis and new version number on Y axis (or maybe a 3D barplot).  The idea is to enable the use of clustering to pick out patterns, if any, in the software rollout.

Good idea. I think a selectable timeframe would be helpful, too.

Interesting.  We are probably thinking along the same line of trying to figure out where our car sits in the whole scheme of firmware updates.  I was just making a suggestion on firmware updates.  trying to visualize what a scatter plot would look like, but sounds cool.

By the way, I miss your info on TMC.  You are one of the smarter, more level headed people on there.  I left the forum and sadly have a worse acronym for TMC.  Keep up the great work over there.