Not getting Plug in reminders

Peter_M 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 4

I am not receiving plug in reminders when my car is not plugged in. I have it set to send the reminder for any location at 11pm any day if my battery level is below 85%. Today my battery level was 62% and I didn't get the notification. I have controls disabled but controls shouldn't be needed for this notification.


Great!  Thanks


Yes, it works now. I left the car unplugged, set charge level to 93% and unlocked the car and I got all 3 notifications at 11pm. Thanks!



This should be corrected as of yesterday.  Can you please let me know if it seems to be working for you when you have a chance to test it.




Yes, you're right controls shouldn't be needed for reminders.

I have implemented a change for this but I'll need to test it and will roll it out with the next data logger release which should be Monday.


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