Adding Cybertruck to the list of vehicles availble?

KenErickson 6 months ago updated by Ecotripping 3 months ago 5

Will the Cybertruck be available in the vehicle selection list soon?

hi @James, I have two accounts (for MS & MX) merged into my fleet, trying to sign up a third for my Cybertruck AWD and the CT doesn’t show as a vehicle in my account. I’m sure it is there (I’m driving it, shows in Tesla app). What am I doing wrong?

FWIW I want to merge it into fleet, starting maiden long road trip right now, was hoping to log it all.

Thanks! Jason

Great, we are getting ours this week!

Thanks. If you wouldn’t mind opening a ticket with your username after setup I can check to make sure things are working correctly with the model detection on the backend.  




We've just added support for it.