Battery Degradation Report (Show Avg Age)

N 8 3 months ago updated by James 3 months ago 1

On the Battery Degradation Report is shows your mileage from others of the same mileage. This is great but it doesn't take into account or show the avg age of the batteries at that mileage. Take into account my Tesla Model Y it's now three years old and 30K. My mileage shows that I'm 2 miles below the avg Model Y with 30K but a lot of people will do this mileage in 12 to 18 months. I understand that it would be impossible to compare batteries just by age because the numbers would be all over the place but if you could put on the chart that say the avg car with 30k was at 18 months. This info could put another data point in trying to determine if car is below or above the avg.

I might not have been clear when asking about the age of the battery. I am asking that as you move your cursor over a certain date that it shows the avg of cars at that milage to your own.