Rivian towing mode not calculating efficiency

Vandelay 3 months ago updated by hgpayne58 2 weeks ago 1

I has Teslafi on my old Tesla and loved it. Signed up for it for my Rivian specifically to track a trip I was doing with a camper, yet when I got home I found out it won't calculate efficiency and kWh used when in towing mode? Why is this? It shows the battery state change, and it should be able to show mileage driven, but doesn't. Pretty frustrating and I hope they can fix this issue. 

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I just came to report the same issue. I see you have no response after two months so little hope of help for me for sure.

Besides this issue my battery degradation info is all over the place because when I hook up my various trailers the new computed range is being reported to electriFi and they are running with this reduced rated range as being my unladen range. It looks like I have huge degradation until I unhook the trailer.