Sentry Mode (Exclude Home = Enabled) Behavior

rob009 6 months ago updated 6 months ago 1


I am a first-time Tesla owner and hence first-time TeslaFi user. With Sentry mode off the vehicle sleeps through the night ("Schedule Sleep Mode" and "Deep Sleep Mode " enabled in TeslaFi - which is great), While I understand Sentry Mode prevents the vehicle from sleeping, I enabled Sentry mode with the "Exclude Home" selected. The TeslaFi dashboard, however, continued to show Sentry mode enabled and the 2023 Model Y was not sleeping (the vehicle was located in my driveway, which is actually closer to me neighbor's house than mine do to the setback of our house from the road). 

Any insights of suggestions? I recognize that this might be as much a Tesla questions as it is a TeslaFi question.

OK, I think the issue is solved and it appears to be a Tesla software issue. While the vehicle would not exit Sentry Mode when "Exclude Home" was selected, I found the issue cleared if I also selected "Exclude Work". In my case the location "Work" was not defined, so why enabling this exclude allowed the "Home" excluded to begin working is a bit mysterious. Subsequent to this change, I can now turn off the "Exclude Work" (and "Exclude Favorites") and the "Exclude Home" works as expected. I noticed the trouble clearing immediately from the Model Y-LR screen as the red Record icon disappear upon enabling  "Exclude Work" that first time (again, with vehicle park at Home). Software v2023-44.1