Is there a way of capturing service notifications (alerts)?

AlanGillLawrence 6 months ago updated by Pstreicher 4 months ago 2

A week or two ago, the charging port wouldn't open when pressed (fine by App or Touch screen). The car reported a charging port error. I have since booked a service, and now the port opens fine when pressed and the service notification error is gone. Questions: 

1. Is there a way to see service notification history?

2. Is there a way to capture service notifications to record ones own history?

Thank you!

This would be a great suggestion for TeslaFi. I am getting an alert off and on with something to do with Air Conditioning. I fear taking it in for service. I was quoted like a $269 diagnostic. It would suck if the say they couldn't find anything.
So, can TeslaFi capture 'Alerts' or 'Notifications' from the API and make it available for us? I'm going to try to suggest this.

This would be very helpful.