Dedupe leaderboard usernames

PacManMX 6 years ago updated by ZBB-3 5 years ago 1

I use the leaderboard to get a "real world" estimate of how far others can drive on a single charge.  However, some users who often take the same route, with significant elevation decreases, show up multiple times on the leaderboard.  Would be great if there could be an option to 1) dedupe users so only the top distance of each user is shown and 2) see more than just the top 20 results.


Love this idea.  Would be great to be able to see a user's best, then take their less efficient drives off the leaderboard.  Also like being able to see more than just the top 20.

I was once on the leaderboard in my Model S, but quickly fell off.  Would be curious to see where that drive still sits.

Alternately, even if the leaderboard was limited to the top 20 (or 50...), could you show my account's best compared to the leaders (and what you'd rank at if it showed lower)?