Update Supercharge records to indicate cost for vehicles without free Supercharging

goto10 1 year ago updated by yesthatallen 3 months ago 6

All Model 3 owners pay for supercharging and soon many owners of other Tesla vehicles will be paying for supercharging. Supercharge records should indicate the approximate cost based on the published Supercharging fees and the time/kwh data recorded rather than indicating a dollar amount saved by free Supercharging.

So much this!

+1  I opened a ticket with no response for this issue.  Worst case, let us put the value that was charged at the supercharger.

Yes please and thank you!   Anecdotally, I just accomplished my first SC and as I was parking a Model 3 was leaving.  During my session two additional Model 3's parked to charge as well. No S's or X's in site.  While I understand that the ratio of 3's to S's & X's who subscribe to TeslaFi may not currently warrant an update of this nature I suspect that may start to shift soon as more Model 3's are delivered and on the road.  Just my two cents :)

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Would love this!  For now I’ve been putting cost in the notes but would love to edit the cost to eventually track spend at superchargers.

it's kinda crazy to guess what to put in there.. in Baton Rouge, tesla charges by the minute (.10 or .20), plus tax..