Rivian: drive mode and efficiency

perrochon 10 months ago updated by James 8 hours ago 3

Is there a way this can be improved? E.g. just mention that drive mode changed, but the overall efficiency should still be computable, no? Used kWh total divided by miles.

I didn't find which drive mode was used in the other segments either. If possible, this might be worth displaying.

Image 5552


All drives after June 1st are now using the new batteryCapacity reading from the Rivian API so kWh usage and mi/kWh will display during all drives.  Efficiency was not accurate as it was based on estimated range used but we'll add it back in the future based on rated miles/kWh for each model.

Agreed. It is typical to change drive modes several times per drive, and with almost every drive. I don't understand why sometimes Electrafi is fine with this and other times not.

You can split the drive manually at the point the drive mode was changed.  Less than ideal but at least you can see the efficiency at that point.  I think better integration with drive modes in general would be nice