Correct settings for Model 3 RWD 60 kWh LFP?

Grayson 11 months ago updated by flyinglenz 6 months ago 1

I have a 2023 Model 3 RWD with 60 kWh LFP battery, so I selected "Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive" as my model, but noticed the actual Wh/mi shown in the car was around 12-13% higher than what TeslaFi was reporting. After some digging, I learned that there used to be a Model 3 Standard Range Plus that had a 51.0 kWh usable battery, and since my car has a 57.5 kWh usable battery, I decided to try setting the kWh & Wh/mi correction factor to 57.5/51 = 1.1275. That seems to have worked, and the Wh/mi shown by TeslaFi mostly sort of matches what my car shows, at least on longer drives. But is that the right way to configure TeslaFi? Did I choose the right model and right correction factor? And why is the Wh/mi still pretty far off from what the car says at times, especially for short drives? I read that the API may be off by up to 1/3 of a mile, but even that couldn't account for some of the errors I'm seeing on short drives (278 Wh/mi in TeslaFi vs 169 Wh/mi in car for a 1.4 mile drive).

They just need to add the 23 M3RWD correctly