Model 3 and Sleep

dstreufert 6 years ago updated by teslaroadtrip blog 5 years ago 3

So, I have a Model 3.  It seems to be sleeping OK, I think, but there are none of those "power saving" options on the screen of the car.  It also seems to go back to sleep much quicker than 15 mins.  Is "sleep" handled differently on the model 3?

Any progress on this? I could not get my car to sleep with sleep mode on. Only changing the idle poll time to 10+ minutes will the car naturally sleep. With polling paused for 30 minutes with sleep mode on keeps my Model 3 awake.



I need to rewrite the wording for the sleep modes for model 3's.  

Yes, the model 3 seems to handle sleep much better than model s and x with the old media center unit's.  It appears to be going to sleep much faster and even goes to sleep occasionally while polling is still occurring.  This started within the last two or three firmware updates and will hopefully continue on to the new mcc's in the model s and x.



What are the best settings to get good data and still allow Model 3 to go to sleep promptly and stay asleep to reduce vampire loss?