recording of charge is not right.

sdt15749 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 2

Sometimes i reactivate charging via smartphone app if i sit an an restaurant (e.g. car is stoping at 90% but i increase charging level to 98%).

Due to this a second charging entry is added by teslafi - the following screenshot is showing one of these double entries:

Image 3

Two entries is not a problem but the second one can not be right. It is impossible to add with second charging more kWh as with the first one.

Can you please check this issue

/br Stefan


This should be corrected now.

Supercharger sessions that start with an energy_added result of greater than 1 will be considered a duplicate charge. The starting energy_added field minus the ending energy_added field will then be used, versus only the ending energy_added field.

Please let me know if you see any issues.




Thank you. The Tesla API does not clear out the energy_added field unless you unplug the cable. I thought I had coded a workaround for supercharges but apparently I only completed home charges and travel charges.

I'll put in the code to correct this shortly.

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