Model 3 Values - Interested in Opinions.

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I bought a 2018 Model 3 in 2019 and switched out the computer to have the option to upgrade to FSD. The car belonged to a Tesla programmer and had EAP and Beta programs available at that time. Put in the new computer and nothing worked right for three months. Tesla tried its best to fix the issues and they replaced every camera with new cameras and they finally figure out it was the firmware so they unloaded and reloaded new firmware and everything worked great. 

EAP as wonderful. I was told to wait to put on FSD until it was refined. I waited and have the latest version (as of the date of this post) of the new FSD program and the car is perfect. 

CarMax had a 2023 Model Y for sale with 1767 miles on it. The car has basic autopilot with FSD capability and its a wonderful looking car however when I went to trade mine in towards this car I was offer $12k less than what I owe ion my car. My car has 45K on the odometer, EAP (paid for in full) with the upgraded computer and I pay $99 per month for the FSD. They offered me $27K for my car with EAP/FSD and all the upgrades you can think of. Insulted but understand the animal I was dealing with. 

In the end if I took the Model Y it would cost me $72K to roll in my current auto loan into the new loan and I'm losing 12K i n my 2018 Model 3. Payment would go from $582.00 per month (at 3.9%) to $1484.00 per month at 12.45% as we're in a different world with rates, terms and no doubt Tesla car values.

Carmax went from having no Tesla's in stock to having 14 to choose from. They have no clue what they're selling, have no idea if a car has EAP, FSD, what type of computer or even how to go in the back end to see the service records of any of their cars. All they seem to know is how to gouge Tesla owners coming and going.

No doubt I turned down their offer yesterday and I'm keeping my car as it has everything I need and looks and drives like a brand new car. I figure I can replace the battery when it needs it and go the distance like some others they do with their 150,000 stories.

The secondary market is all over the place as I see my car for 50K, 45K and those have no upgraded computer or access to have anything but EAP. What say all of you?