Does it remember charging status when not connected?

daryllafferty 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

(I originally posted this in "General".  My mistake.  Should go here under questions.)

I have set up a charging schedule, where charging stops at 3pm and starts at 6pm (peak time for my utility).

If the car is not plugged in at 3pm and then I plug it in at 3:30pm, will it still remember to not charge until 6pm? Or will that "Stop Charging" command only apply if it is actually currently charging?

Similarly, if it is connected at 3pm (and stops charging) and I unplug at 3:30, then plug back in at 4:30, will it retain the "Stop Charging" status?

I have tested this and found that it does not remember status. It is merely a trigger:  If you are charging when the "Stop Charging" command is issued, it will stop charging.  But if you plug it in after the "Stop Charging" command is issued, the car will commence to charge.

So there is still no way to simply tell the car to not charge during a certain period of time.  The Tesla app will allow you to set a charge starting time, or a stop time, but not both.