Environmental emissions data per charge

felipeseiber 1 year ago 0

It would be great if TeslaFi could somehow report the emissions data per charging session.

For example, I think the feature could work as follows:

  • a new preference setting to set my home zip code (or automatically pull this based on location)
  • then with this information TeslaFi could pull electricity emission data averages per zip code and report this data next to the charge session
  • if possible should account for night vs day charging (i.e. no solar at night)
  • would need an override option for users charging with home solar

Other possible features:

  • automatically pull zip code data for supercharger stations to report emission data for super charger sessions
  • automatically pull zip code data for travel charging 
  • add emissions reduction based on ICE vehicle using the MPG setting already set in preferences. (i.e. https://www.fueleconomy.gov/ is able to report grams / mile of greenhouse emissions that could be compared against the power emissions of charging the Tesla and then report the net reductions)

Finally, this would be great information to also summarize in the fleet data to collectively see the emissions impact of all Tesla drivers.