What does the numbers before "Charger disconnected" mean?

gilfoyle 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2


I'm new to TeslaFi and trying to understand the three numbers below the "Charger Disconnected" sign at the top of the screen:

Image 5130

I assume the first (68%) one is the current SoC.

I assume that the second one (67%) is how much capacity can I use under the current cold weather conditions? I.e. I can only go down to 1% instead of 0%? Is that right?

But what does te /90% mean? :-)) Is that the battery degradation?

Thank you anyone for teaching me these basics. Thanks!

Hi @amorealex - this makes perfect sense, thank you!

First is the current SoC, the second is the actual SoC of cold battery and the third is the charge limit you have set.