[Bug] Location "stuck" with a missing drive

PPlusa 1 year ago 0

When TeslaFi detects a missing drive during an idle, the reported location stays at the idle location until the next recorded drive.

An example from today:

  1. Vehicle is idle at tagged location "Home"
  2. TeslaFi starts a sleep attempt at 9:45 for up to 15 minutes.
  3. User gets in the vehicle at 9:50 and drives for 5 minutes to tagged location "Work"
  4. TeslaFi stops the sleep attempt at 10:00, and marks the original "Home" idle as "A drive may have occured during this idle session."
  5. TeslaFi's API reports the current location as "Home", schedules for "Location = Work" don't run

Possible solution:

When a missing drive is detected, stop the current idle and start a new idle with the updated location.