Runaway Version Tracker

mkolowich 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 2

The fleet version tracker seems to be in runaway mode.  Every minute, and sometimes even several times per minute, I am seeing an entry in the version tracker for the same version.  Here is what my version tracker looked like awhile ago.  It now has over a hundred identical entries:

Image 387

This appears not to be isolated to me.  Here is a screenshot of the fleet update board -- same case of a whole lot of identical entries, seconds apart:

Image 388


Thanks.  This has been corrected.

I noticed the same behavior.  It looks like the database is not recognizing the new firmware name and reports over and over again that the vehicle that have the new version are continually getting it pushed.  Look at the list and the same vehicles are listed in the updates every few seconds.

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