Request for additional daily stats including "Total Efficiency"

felipeseiber 1 year ago 0

The home page has a "Total Efficiency" value that I find useful (see attached image). However, this is only displayed for the current day. 

Image 5018

I would like to request adding this to the calendar view as well. This would be extremely useful in evaluating other outside factors (i.e. sentry mode, preheating, standby, etc...) that effect overall efficiency. Currently the number displayed in the calendar view I believe is the efficiency of all the drives for the month. This is useful but I would like to see my actual energy usage impact. 

For example if I take my total kWh used value and divide it by total miles driven I actually get an average of 369 Wh/mile which is actually closer to 70% efficiency overall for the month. 

Image 5017

So what I would suggest is:

  • add an additional "Total Efficiency" value for the entire month (rename existing efficiency to "Driving Efficiency")
  • add a small "Total Efficiency" value to the bottom right (or somewhere else) to each calendar day in the table. 
  • BONUS: have the ability to see a breakdown of that efficiency for the month as well (i.e. sleep, sentry, idle, driving, etc...)