Track tire efficiency??

QS01 1 year ago updated by pbraren 5 months ago 2

It would be nice if we could mark the mileage at which we changed tires and notate the tires we put on.  Then have a view that we can track stats based on those tires -- ie. Efficiency mainly.  

I have new 18" tires for my 2018 Model 3 LR, and they have twice the sound absorption foam thickness. I have enjoyed 85,000 of tire efficiency tracking in my 5 years of Model 3 ownership, thanks to new features TeslaFi has added.

I also love that that average temperatures show up in the tires view alongside efficiency. I'm wondering whether average speeds could also be added to this view. This would help make comparisons across my various tire choices over the years a little easier.


this would be fantastic, I’m on my third set of tires, 1st 0-31111 miles 2nd up to 56k miles and changed from Michelin since 2nd set toe the regular MXM4 without sound absorption foam, wanted to know if it affected my watts/mile at similar temperatures and speed