charge data not showing and unlocked status shown when car is locked

zadigre 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

Hello Everyone!

I arrived home at 22h41 yesterday. My drive is showing on Teslafi. 

I plugged my car right away... and it stated charging immediately. 

According to the Tesla app, my car finished charging at 5h39. 

At 5h50, I received an unlocked notification since 3 minutes. 

I opened Teslafi website... car was showing unlocked. I openned the Tesla app. Car was locked. Lock status immediately updated in Teslafi after opening the Tesla app. 

Last event yesterday on Teslafi is parked from 22h41 to 22h41. Nothing else after that time.

Today, 5h50 to 5h50, parked. 5h50 to 5h52 sleeping and battery increased from 31% to 100%. 5h52 to 6h04, parked. and sleeping since 6h04.

So 2 problems here. 
My last charge session is not showing on the Teslafi. There's clearly something missing from 22h41 to 5h50.

And also this unlocked notification while the car is locked. 

My car is connected to wifi. Less than 25 feet from the router.Signal is strong. 

I recently started using Teslafi. I never had any issue with other third party apps.

is there anything I can do to prevent these problems from reoccurring ?

to prevent his from reoccurring, I added an automation in Home Assistant that is checking if the car is offline. if yes and car is not asleep, it will try to wake and force a fresh of the car. Let's see if this fixes this particular problem. 

is there a way to do this within Teslafi?

a little bit more investigation. 

I also have Home Assistant connected to my car. 

and home assistant is also showing car going offline at 22h42 and not asleep during this time. 

also car showing unplugged until 5h52 this morning. 

So clearly something was going on after I plugged my car... it looks like API stopped working and refreshed only when I opened the Tesla app at 5h52. 

and forgot one important point... API raw data is showing Driving-->Idling at 22:41:36 and Offline - Idle Timer Reset at 22:42:36 (which doesn't make any sense because I opened the app shortly after plugging my car (problably a little bit after 22h42