Battery reports should give a choice of "by age" OR "by mileage"

SpinningWheelz 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

There are only 3 cars similar to mine in terms of age and mileage. This makes the comparison somewhat meaningless. Would it be possible to add a parameter to select by  age OR by mileage? This would allow to have two different views with hopefully more cars to compare to, and determine whether mileage or age has the biggest impact on my car in terms of range.

Another feature that would be nice to have is to be able to select the bracket of mileage or age to include more cars in the comparison and compare to other "groups" of cars or to project my battery health into the future with my current usage profile.

to give you and idea of how meaningless the stats are with that narrow a selection, when I changed from best out of 3 cars to 7th out of nine cars. The trend that does seem to emerge is that all cars with better range have lower mileage, but again, with only 8 other cars and a bracket of 2000mi to compare to, it is statistically not that meaningful. For statistically meaningful insights, a minimum of 30 cars are needed in the comparison pool.

The current spinbox only allows selections within 2000mi of each other - can this please be increased to 7000mi or 10,000mi, and also seems to have a glitch: if you type the number in, it doesn't get saved, so essentially to get from the default 100mi difference to 2000, you would have to click 1900 time on that arrow... (workaround:, enter 1999 and use the arrow up, that allows to save the value)