Scheduled event then start polling or stop trying to sleep

djmartin2018 1 year ago updated by James 1 year ago 0

This morning I setup Schedule & Reminders for a Set Charge Limit at 8am.  TeslaFi did not log the new charging until 8:18am, because it was trying to sleep (Not polling). This is because I have the TeslaFi Sleep Mode Time To Try to Sleep and Nighttime, etc.  I would not like to change the TeslaFi Sleep Mode settings for when I have a Schedule & Reminder setup.
If a Schedule & Reminders item will end up in the car not being able to sleep.  Then, TeslaFi should start polling for about 5 minutes. And, reset the TeslaFi sleep counter after 5 minutes.
This would only happen if the Schedule & Reminders item would end up in the car not being able to sleep, e.g. Set Charge Limit is higher then what the charge state is at now.