Some observations, suggestions

basrijn 2 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 0


We drive our ModelY to an off grid location and there is no cell coverage there. This leads to an interesting data artifact that I can be solved more correctly.

1) Internet on, car is sleeping

2) Interne is on, car wakes up

3) Internet is off, drive starts

4) Drive goes into cell coverage, first data report comes in

In the summary, this is reflected as

Sleep+Park -> High range loss

Drive -> Starting point on the map shown as our cabin, but distrance for drive is only the in range distance

The ODO reading shows me what happened. There is a jump from the last drive report finish ODO, to the start ODO of the drive when it enters cell coverage. The ODO gap is outside of cell coverage.

It would be nice to maybe reflect that part of the drive as a disconnected drive (data coverage 0%). So that the listing becomes

a) Sleep + Park

b) Disconnected drive (Start of next report ODO - Sleep ODO, Startr of next report battery level - Park bttery level)

c) Normal drive

Other small issue, if temperature increases during a Park event, the battery level often goes up (and is reported as such). However the range loss number is shown as a loss still, maybe it would be better to show a negative loss?

Thanks for all the work on the platform. It's super cool to have all this data. Love all the recent improvements.

Happy holidays!