Dynamic energy prices

JustMarco 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 2

Soon I’m switching to an energy company at which I pay for electricity by the hour, would be really nice if in some form TeslaFi could accommodate this? Maybe by uploading my hourly price history myself once every while, I like how much insights I have in charging costs at the moment.

I too have swithed energy companies. I now have a contract with Frank Energie B.V., where I have a per-hour kwh price, which I can download when the month has finished. If there would be a way to upload the kwh prices and have the chargecost updated, that would be awesome.

I think if you want to use an app like Jedlix it provides a way to smart charge your car, and have insights in Frank Energie costs at the same time. My electricity company isn’t yet supported / showing prices in the Jedlix app. And insight in costs per year/month/day.