TeslaFi submit API feature requests to Tesla on behalf of users

BobF4321 1 year ago updated by Bye Oil 1 year ago 1

I’m not sure if TeslaFi has an inside channel to Tesla, but TeslaFi could represent a large number of users asking Tesla for features, such as API changes.  One that comes to mind is 12V battery status… eg. current health of battery and estimate of  when it should be replaced.  If it was in the API then TeslaFi could plot battery health over time, and give a warning that it’s nearing end of life.  And then maybe Tesla would add some of this info to their in-vehicle UI.

On my 2015 Model S the software advised by displaying a message on the screen advising to replace the 12v battery. So need to do anything with TeslaFI IMO.