Car will not wake up

DuckSausage 2 years ago updated by thekuai3 1 year ago 1

Since the 2022.40.4.1 update, like exactly after, my M3 no longer wakes up after deep sleep.  Teslafi shows (see photo) Sleeping, and my Tesla App shows connecting, with a spinning circle.  I have driven my car for over 25 minutes, Teslafi continues to show Sleeping while driving, and of course, the App continue to show connecting.  LTE from car works as I can watch Netflix (parked without WIFI).  I opened a ticket with Tesla, and they are puzzled.  Disabled Teslafi (by changing my Tesla password) just now to better troubleshoot the problem.  The fix, if I do a soft reset, it will connect 100% of the time.  Both Tesla App and Tealafi can connect as soon as it boots up.  I own my M3 for 3 months, it has been working fine since the last update.  Wondering if anyone can share their tip?  I also tried a Shutdown.  Teslafi setting Sleep settings is the default settings.  Thanks in advance.

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I'm having the same issues 2023 rwd but on 2023.2.10