A much better battery consumption calculation algorithm for Tesla

Itay Cohen 2 years ago 0

After driving the Model 3 for about two years, I can say that calculating the power consumption estimate while navigating is useless !! 

I never reached the destination with a battery percentage as the system estimated at the beginning of the trip.

Recently, Tesla improved the way of calculation and refers to more parameters, but still completely fakes the estimation of the consumption compared to the actual consumption.

I did find that driving according to the legal speed makes the estimate accurate thus the driving part of the estimation is causing the problem.

Navigating using me as the driver vs my wife always estimate the same battery consumption which is of course wrong as I drive faster than her !

I have an idea for a smarter algorithm that will give a much more accurate result and will be based on the driver's profile and his speed behavior over time.

My idea is as follows:

In addition to the parameters already measured today, Tesla must maintain (using AI) a record of the avarage speed for each driver (according to profile) compared to the legal speed over the last 100 km.

For example :

                         My Profile              My wife profile 

50 km/h legal - 60 km/h actual       50 km/h actual

70 km/h legal - 85 km/h actual       75 km/h actual

90 km/h legal - 100 km/h actual     95 km/h actual

100 km/h legal - 120 kmh actual    110 kmh actual

110 km/h legal - 130 km/h actual    115 km/h actual

Now that there is the real data about speeds of all drivers, Tesla should calculate the electricity consumption for each trip based on the speeds of specific driver.
Of course the numbers need to be updated all the time based on driver behavior looking at the last 100 km. 
Tesla can also add a button that will give the driver the option to choose between calculation based on driving behavior (per profile) or speed according to the law.

what do you think ?