Ability to update electricity prices via api

Lindhardsen2020 12 months ago updated by Stein O Aune 7 months ago 1

At least where I live in Europe, we have electricity prices that changes by the hour, and it would be great if Teslafi could read "my" prices by the hour (updated every day at 13:00 fro the upcoming day), and calculate my "ful costs" based on the actual cost of electricity. 

With the current uncertainty and Ukranian war going on in our vicinity, cost can differ from 1 cent and our to a dollar from 1 hour to the other, or from one day to the other. 

I do understand that there is not 1 API that will cover all countries, but at least for Sweden and other countries these prices can be fetched Nordpool, or from Tibber: https://developer.tibber.com/

This would really add great benefit to the "Cost" feature in Teslafi.

If help is needed with the API integration, I can offer my help.

Yes i missing the cost too !!!

"This would really add great benefit to the "Cost" feature in Teslafi."