Monthly variable home charging rates

ddelegal 1 year ago updated by martinfageras 1 year ago 1

I live in Jacksonville, FL, and JEA in our area now varies the cost per kWh monthly based on their fuel costs. It would be very handy to have the home charging cost applied by date range. In other words, rather than a single cost per kWh, I'd like to put in 8/1/2022 - 8/31/2022 - $0.16, then 9/1/2022 - 9/30/2022 - $0.18, etc. Then when viewing my charging stats, have the appropriate value applied for the date of the charge. Currently, updating the cost affects all history rows and therefore skews my data. I'm sure this would come in handy for many of the folks using the site.


I would also really love this feature. 

We have individual chargers in a private underground garage.
They load balance from one meter, and the kWh price is the hourly spot rate from Norpool.

The kWh price for each charger consumption is calculated at the end of the month by taking the total cost of the meter consumption, divided by the total kWh use, and then that rate is applied for the individual kWh consumption. 

I live in Norway, and our energy prices are fluctuating like crazy these days. The variation in the price per kWh can be as low as NOK 0.10 ($0.02) at night and as high as NOK 7 ($0.65) at peak hours.

To be able to set a custom rate for a year/month/day/hour range that applies to home charge records would be a great help to keep an overview of historical usage and savings.