Vehicle API call always instead of trying to sleep

Brian83 2 years ago 0

I'm curious about something and couldn't really find this topic anywhere by looking around.

If the Vehicle API can pull the state of the vehicle and whether it's sleeping or awake without actually waking it up, why isn't that used all the time? I don't understand why we need all the settings on Teslafi for sleeping and and wait 30 minutes before trying to sleep and then the 15 minutes of trying to sleep where it doesn't send the Data API command. I get that sending the Data API command wakes up the car if it's asleep and that's why they stop sending it. What I don't get is why doesn't the site always send the Vehicle API command first, every minute or whatever you have set. If the vehicle is sleeping then the Teslafi doesn't do anything else. If it's not sleeping, then it send the date command after and gets the actual data. Would this not work? Teslafi seems to miss some data during that 15 minute attempting to sleep time period where something may happen.

I have the Tessie app on my iPhone and it has an Auto Wake setting that I keep off which means that it never wakes my vehicle when I open the app. It somehow always seems to have all the data and doesn't miss anything, but also never wakes my vehicle from a sleep on it's own. There must be a way?