Auto Tag Drives based on ending location and # of miles driven

Beerman Telsa 2 years ago updated by azawisza 2 years ago 1

Rather than defining the start and end locations, I'd like to have the option to choose the ending location and a threshold of miles driven to create the Auto-Tag. 

IE: On my daily commute, I may make a stop at the convenience store near my house before I get on the road. The commute is no longer auto-tagged because my starting location changed. I'd prefer if the system could still tag that as my commute. 

For specific numbers as an example...

My commute is 74 miles. I'd like to auto-tag that as my commute as long as my end location had at least 70 miles driven before arriving.

I normally set auto-tag based on end location and leave start blank. I am not sure whether it would work for your circumstances or not

A workaround might be to set an auto-tag from the convenience store to work and from home to the convenience store so both get tagged as commute. I had to do this for when my wife would drop me off at work and go grocery shopping the auto-tags would get confused on multi-leg trips that would be for more than one auto-tag.