Confirm deleting a trip

mminehan 6 years ago updated by COinTally 5 years ago 5

Could you add a 'confirm delete' dialogue box when deleting a trip?  The save and delete boxes are right next to each other and it's easy to inadvertently click delete instead of save.

I imagine people would rarely want to delete a trip.

Awesome.  Thanks.



Thanks.  I added some space between those buttons.



I thought Delete was to delete the note I had inadvertently opened.  I was disappointed to see that I had deleted the charge record.

Perhaps "Delete Charge" or "Delete Drive" would be more descriptive.

When you click the "Note" icon (as in the image you posted above) the box expands to allow you to add a note and tag the drive.  It also presents 'Save" and "Delete" buttons, which are right next to each other.  If you inadvertently click the delete button the drive is deleted immediately with no option to confirm.

Under review

Are you referring to this?

As far as I recall that is the only way to delete a drive and it does take you to another page to confirm.