Allow multiple users per account with user permissions

zeke schmois@gmail com 2 years ago 0

I've been working closely with the electric utility company in Southern New Hampshire to be the first customer to install a Time of Use EV charging meter. Because of how sluggish this industry is (and how poor third party data can be), they require their own meter be installed with the EV charger hooked up to it directly. This would be fine except that the cost of such an installation can be expensive, and there's still a monthly fee for the meter.

The department working on this would love to use third party data like Tesla's APIs, but until they get enough funding to properly research the quality of this charging data, they'll continue requiring a meter. 

It would be fantastic if TeslaFi allowed the primary account holder create "view only" users for the account so that utilities could (with the customer's approval) access charging data and other piece of information they'd need to track energy usage.