Suggestion of new graph of the state of the car

Villi3K 2 years ago updated by PPlusa 2 years ago 1

I would like to suggest adding a new menu with graphs related to vehicle % status. Let me explain, currently a circular graph is shown on the daily summary page (bottom right) with the % of the state in which the vehicle has been found throughout the day, with the possible states of: "sleeping", "charging", "idling", "driving", etc.

What I propose is to create that same graph but not only in the daily summary, but also to compute it monthly (for example in the month view), in the annual view (in the year view) and in total in the "lifetime map" page.

In this way, it will be possible to know for each state the percentage of time that the car has been in a certain period (daily, monthly, annual and total) in that state.


As an extension, a lifetime chart similar to the battery report would be nice too.

The Model 3 and Y can get mis-calibrated if they don't get enough 3+ hour sleeps at varying charges (i.e. only ever sleeping at night after a full charge would yield readings only being taken at your charge limit). Seeing the trend of how much it sleeps per day would be a good indicator of how often it gets a chance to calibrate.